Are you building an effective strategy for your words in 2021?

It’s almost 2021! There are 10 days left in 2020 and I’m here to present 10 different ways to pair written and visual micro content. As we start to wrap up the first day of the final full week left in 2020, I want you to prepare your words. Time is of the essence now. We must maximize our time by valuing our impact more as young professionals. Create a unique way to think and structure your words.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

I’ve got some simple yet effective ways to grow written content using grammar, syntax, and format. The various forms of grammar we overlook can tremendously help the way we write and speak. In addition, we often see visual micro content that is appealing. We don’t realize how every little detail can change our perspective in life. If you are an entrepreneur, you need a clear brand statement with clear syntax. Focus on minimizing the us of commas until you get the full statement down. Commas can lead your ideal client or customer into a barrier. What if your ideal client or customer is confused by your brand statement, web, or social media design?

I’m about to share some ways to improve your grammar, syntax, and format when composing micro content. When you change the way you structure your words on social media platforms, it can impact a massive audience over time. However, the key is to implementing word structure is in the consistency and practice. When using forms of micro content, allow your community to obtain, retain, and convert attention into value for sales. If they choose to invest, it’s because you created a experience for them to be a part of despite the chaos and uncertainty that is all around us.

How will your micro content peak their interest of your digital community?

Well, micro content is a short, burst of powerful information that has a unique purpose. Do you want to inform, persuade, or entertain? Decide what your purpose is and then move with intent. Your community will be built using consistency and quality. If you show up daily with these two components in your micro content then your grammar, syntax, and format will naturally take shape over time. We all should strive to create content that engages. As you engage with your digital community, micro content will give you an edge. It’s not how you present it that will enable you to grow. The “how” of your micro content will lead to a “why” that you will have to answer. Will you be ready to present a call to action? We will see!



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This blog is a professional writing portfolio. The blogs are composed of writing reviews, professional interviews, writing samples, and educational articles.